Spacegame is a game of deep strategic aspects in which beginning with one planet and as maximum leader of your civilization, you have to expand your empire and explore the most distant systems of the galaxy, where it is possible to find vestiges of an old and legendary civilization, the Dyrithians.

     These mysterious settlers inhabited seven planets, called Dyrith, where there are ruins of their culture and of their high technology to be discovered. Will you be able to dominate, with your allies, the seven legendary planets? Will you manage to uncover the secrets of Drymia, the lost technology of the Dyrithians? Will you discover and collect Drym?

     Use diplomacy, tile spying networks, allies and commercial agreements. Investigate numerous technologies, Drymia included, to dominate the universe with your scientific power.

     Desing the best combat ships, from powerfull Battleships and carriers to agile fighters and tiny scientific ships, and any kind of destroyers, cruisers and freighters, …

     Command your fleets with your audacious admirals or destinate them on planets defense missions, spying, murder… block ports, colonize and conquer planets.

- An universe of Strategy opens before you -

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